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Power Tool Battery | Ni-MH | 12 V | 3.3 Ah | 39.6 Wh | Replacement for Makita

Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
38,99 EUR

Replace your power tool battery and have full power again for just a fraction of the cost of a branded battery.

Ni-MH batteries are lighter than NiCad versions, but they still have two to three times more capacity than similar sized ones.

And, because of the high stock rotation of Ni-MH batteries, fresh cells are guaranteed - which benefits the life of your battery.

Suitable for model and series:

Makita 1050D

Makita 1050DWD

Makita 4013D

Makita 4191DWD

Makita 4331D

Makita 4331DWD

Makita 4331DWDE

Makita 5093D

Makita 5093DWD

Makita 6213D

Makita 6213DWBE

Makita 6216D

Makita 6216DWBE

Makita 6216DWDE

Makita 6217D

Makita 6217DWDE

Makita 6217DWDLE

Makita 6223D

Makita 6227D

Makita 6227DWBE

Makita 6271D

Makita 6313D

Makita 6313DWBE

Makita 6314DWBE

Makita 6315D

Makita 6315DRC

Makita 6315DRCSP

Makita 6316D

Makita 6316DWB

Makita 6316DWBE

Makita 6317D

Makita 6317DWDE

Makita 6317DWDRE

Makita 6317DWFE

Makita 6319D

Makita 6319DWFE

Makita 6835D

Makita 6835DWB

Makita 6835DWD

Makita 6914D

Makita 6914DWB

Makita 6914DWBE

Makita 6914DWDE

Makita 6916D

Makita 6916DWDE

Makita 6916FDWDE

Makita 6916FDWDE1

Makita 6917D

Makita 6917DWDE

Makita 6917FDWDE

Makita 6918D

Makita 6918DWD

Makita 6918DWDE

Makita 6918DWF

Makita 6918DWFE

Makita 6918FDWDE

Makita 6918FDWFE

Makita 6919ND

Makita 6980FD

Makita 6980FDWDE

Makita 6980FDWFE

Makita 8413D

Makita 8413DWDE

Makita 8413DWFE

Makita 8414DWFE

Makita DA312D

Makita DA312DWD

Makita DA312DWF

Makita ML120

Makita ML122

Makita ML124

Makita SC131D

Makita UB120D

Makita UB120DWB

Makita UB121D

Makita UC120D

Makita UC120DWD

Makita UC120DWDE

Makita UC170D

Makita UC170DWD

Makita VR250D

Makita VR250DWDE

Makita VR251D

Makita VR251DWDE

Makita 6203D

Makita 6211DWHE

Makita 6213DWAE

Makita 6213DWBLE

Makita 6214DWAE

Makita 6214DWDE

Makita 6214DWE

Makita 6216DWAE

Makita 6216DWFE

Makita 6223DWE

Makita 6227DWE

Makita 6270DWAE

Makita 6271DWAE

Makita 6311DWHE

Makita 6313DWAE

Makita 6314DWDE

Makita 6314DWE

Makita 6316DWAE

Makita 6316DWDE

Makita 6316DWFE

Makita 6317DWDW

Makita 6327DWE

Makita 6271DWPE

Makita 6211D

Makita 6214D

Makita 6270D

Makita 6311D

Makita 6314D

Makita 6327D

Makita 6319

Makita 1050DWA

Makita 1050DWB

Makita 4191DWA

Makita 6960DWA

Makita UC120DWAE

Makita ML121

Makita ML123

Makita UB121DZ

Makita 8270DWAE

Makita 8411DWH

Makita 8413DWD

Makita 8414D

Makita 6911HDW

Makita 6911HDWA

Makita 6913DWH

Makita 6914DWA

Makita 6916DWD

Makita 6916FD

Makita 6917FD

Makita 6992DWD

Makita DA312DWA

Replacement code:

Makita 1220

Makita 1222

Makita 1233

Makita 1234

Makita 1235

Makita 1235B

Makita 1235F

Makita 192597-4

Makita 192598-2

Makita 192681-5

Makita 192696-2

Makita 192698-8

Makita 192698-A

Makita 193138-9

Makita 193157-5

Makita 632804-8

Data Sheet
Battery capacity: 3300 mAh
Weight: 632 g
Height: 102.9 mm
Length: 84.4 mm
Colour: Black/Grey
Material: ABS+
Output voltage: 12 VDC
Width: 93.8 mm
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