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Nierle White Edition DVD+R 4.7 GB / 120 min 16x, 100 stuks in ECO-pack

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U bespaart: 32 %
7.00 EUR
14,99 EUR
10 stuk(ken): 1,499 EUR

Long Life Dye

These Nierle Prodye discs convince through outstanding quality. Manufactured in cooperation with one of the world┤s leading manufacturers, we pay meticulous attention to compliance with very high quality standards. The LLD (Long Life Dye) ensures data security in the long Nierle Prodye discs.

ECO Pack

Blank Discs like CDs, DVD or Blu-rays with the ECO-PACK sign are packed in a thin so-galled shrink foil. Surveys have shown that so-called Cake boxes are often disposed of after consuming the media. Since cake boxes are maid of plastic the may harm our enviroment. The shrink foil uses a significantly smaller amount of plastic and produces therefore less waste. At the same time the ECO-PACK wrapped blanks less exphensive due to cheaper production and transport. Good for you and for the environment!

Prodye Quality

Prodye products lay claim to the highest quality and reliability, that is why our products undergo many tests within our facility to ensure each item is up to the task ahead.

Data Sheet
Artikel Type: DVD Single Layer
Type: DVD+R
Fabrikant: Prodye
Serie: White Edition
Fabrikant Nummer: NR15394
Technische specificaties
Geheugenruimte: 4.7 GB
Opnametijd: 120 min
Snelheid: 16x
Oppervlakte: Gedrukt
Hoeveelheid: x 100 stuks in ECO-pack
Totaal gewicht: 1.68 kg
Afmetingen van de verpakking: 165 × 140 × 140 mm
Verpakkingen: Spindel in krimpfolie
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Thierry Anne, 15.09.2016

vertalenproduit Ó fuir!
Útonnant, mon commentaire initial ne comprenez qu'une Útoile... modification de la part de Nierle?

Prijs-Kwaliteit: 1/5     Kwaliteit: 1/5

Thierry Anne, Montlucon 10.09.2016

vertalenattention, produit de qualitÚ mÚdiocre!
fuyez ce produit! le plastique est trŔs fragile, il casse ou sĺeffrite lorsque l'on le met dans un boitier DVD! rÚsultat, un DVD sur deux cassÚ! je n'avais jamais eu ce problŔme auparavant avec un produit Nierle!

Prijs-Kwaliteit: 5/5     Kwaliteit: 1/5

Laurent Pipart, Colmar 15.08.2016

vertalensuper produit
super produit aucun echec

Prijs-Kwaliteit: 5/5     Kwaliteit: 5/5